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One-On-One (or with family/friends, if you prefer )

Life coaching

One-on-One / A Great Place to Begin

I love to offer one-on-one sessions for anyone who has interest in learning more about what we offer at Purpose of Heart. Our "Whole Person" approach which includes spiritual, emotional, and physical encouragement is unique. Many women appreciate the opportunity to ask questions and get to know us, before actually joining a group.  This time together is not mandatory in order to participate in our topical community care groups, but I highly recommend it and I truly look forward to this special time together. There is no cost for these one-on-one sessions or our topical community care groups. (There may be a small fee for course materials in some of the groups. But, you will not be turned away if you truly cannot afford it!)


The following is an example of what we might choose to go over during our individualized appointments. If you are planning on attending Purpose of Heart with family or friends we can easily do sessions one and two as a group . Session three can also be done together, if you prefer, but will require one separate appointment for each individual person as the included information is specific to you personally. 

  • Session One: Getting to Know Each Other & Explanation of Our "Whole Person Approach"

  • Session Two: You are a Special Creation - Understanding Your Unique God Given Temperament

  • Session Three: Review of APS Profile


Encouragement, Acceptance, and Learning

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