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Frequently Asked Questions

Many frequently asked questions are answered on this page.

If you need any additional information please email me at:

Do I have to attend Fair Haven Baptist Church in order to participate in your Care Groups?

No, you do not have to attend or be a member of Fair Haven Baptist Church (or any other church) in order to participate and you do not need to be Baptist at all! We are here to encourage anyone who wishes to attend our community care groups. 

Do I have to be a Christian or be religious in order to benefit?

You do not have to consider yourself to be a Christian or religious in order to gain encouragement. However,  being open to learning about the truths from the Word of God would be recommended. 

What if I have different beliefs than those taught at Purpose of Heart?

We know people have differing beliefs and perspectives on just about every topic there is!  We believe IT IS OK TO DISAGREE! We simply ask that we disagree politely while respecting what the Lord says in His written Word. You can choose to make decisions and hold beliefs that differ from God's standards while participating in our groups. God has given each of us the precious gift of "Free Will' or the freedom to choose how we will live our lives. The teachings of Purpose of Heart will align with scripture - but the group meetings will have grace for where you are in life. John 1:17 says that "grace and truth came by Jesus Christ." We offer grace while holding firmly to the truth. We believe that we can disagree with each other while maintaining a polite and welcoming atmosphere without compromising on God's truths. We simply ask the same respect for what we believe in return!

Will I have to share or talk in the group setting?

Each one of our groups function differently depending on the content and group setting. Feel free to discuss this when registering if you prefer to attend without being asked to share openly. You will NEVER be forced to discuss anything that you are not wanting to talk about. We strive to create an environment where you will feel safe and accepted in order to develop a sense of belonging where it is safe to ask questions and share. In the end - you are completely in charge of what you feel comfortable with!

Whether you want to participate in conversations or simply listen to what is being taught


Is there a fee when participating in your programs?

There are NO FEES for any of our topical community care groups or one-on-one informational sessions with Beth. There could be a small fee requested to cover the cost of any workbooks or curriculum hand outs. But, nobody will be turned away if you truly cannot afford these small fees. 

Can I participate online?

Some of our groups/seminars/conferences will be available for online participation. We will note this for each group when it becomes available. 

What ages can participate?

Age participation varies depending upon the content and group type for each program we offer. We LOVE to include teenage girls in most of our care groups! We will even have some groups that are only for teens. Parental consent is required for anyone 18 years of age or younger.

Do I have to register or sign-up?

We do offer online registration that will reserve a seat for you in one of our groups. Some groups have a limited number of spots available and others are always open. Most of our programs can be joined anytime, even if they have already begun. But there are a few that are confidential once they have started and are not able to accept additional participants after the cut-off date, so it is always best to double check with us before deciding to attend. We never want to turn anyone away! We will do our best to include you, last minute, anytime we can!

Is there any work I have to do during the week?

This will depend upon the specific care group you are participating in. Some of the programs do have suggestions for work that can be done at home and others do not. You will of course benefit more from what you are learning if you put in greater effort outside of our weekly time together.  We leave it up to you as to whether or not you take the time to follow through or not. 

Are these sessions ever offered in other locations?

Although Purpose of Heart Women's Ministry is part of Fair Haven Baptist Church, Zephyrhills Fla, Beth is available for seminars or conferences in other locations. 

I would love to teach some of the materials you offer to my lady's group, is that possible?

Please contact us for more information about this very good question! This is something we love to help you with and it will depend on whether they are ready for publication or if they are only in the final development stages. We are designing new materials & groups regularly. 

Does Purpose of Heart offer Counseling?

No, we do not offer counseling at this time. We prefer to teach biblical concepts with practical tools that you can begin applying in your life right away. We utilize a Christian life coaching and teaching concept that encourages progress and personal growth on a weekly basis. 

What "Doctrinal" stance does Purpose of Heart align with?

Purpose of Heart exists to offer biblical encouragement to women and teenage girls. It is not our mission to discuss the doctrinal differences that occur in different religions with the exception of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that the Bible clearly states that we are all sinners who fall short of God's holy and righteous character. Because of this, we are in desperate need of His forgiveness, for even, what we would consider the smallest of sins. The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ submitted to His father's will by coming to earth, freely offering His life on the Cross of Calvary, being buried, and raising again three days later - all as His gift to us for the payment for the sins we have committed. Jesus is the one and only mediator and the only way for us to gain God's forgiveness. Jesus only - no other religious sacraments, deeds, or rituals can be added to his sacrifice, lest he would have died in vain. This is God's plan not mans. 

God also tells us that his plan for our day and age - is that we would learn to love him with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love others as ourselves. These are all relational in nature. Our programs are established to help you in these relational areas and not to educate you on the specific differences, traditions, or beliefs of one religion or church over another, with the exception of the Gospel. If you have questions regarding any other doctrinal areas you can get them answered from your pastor or from Pastor Smith at Fair Haven. Our time together will be used to focus on topical issues that impact women's lives relationally with the Lord, those around them, and with themselves as they relate to God's greatest command!

We also believe that God is very capable of leading, guiding, directing and working in and through people's lives today. We encourage women and teenage girls to seek the Lord with their heart and mind and depend upon him every day! 

Although we use the King James Bible in our groups and within the programs that were written by Beth Giordano, we do also on occasion use materials from other authors who have chosen different translations. You are welcome to use the version of your choice, but you will have an easier time following along if you have a KJV. We are happy to provide one for you, if you do not own one. If you have questions about why you should use one translation over another please contact Pastor Smith at Fair Haven Baptist - he would be happy to explain it to you! 

Which Bible version do you use?

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